Tim Fidgeon: Develop your ideas iteratively with lots of consumer testing

Tim Fidgeon is one of the UK’s leading digital trainers and consultants. He holds an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction and has been helping organisations develop market-leading digital strategies, experiences and content since the late 90s.

After leading the User Experience teams for several large digital agencies, he is now a freelance trainer and consultant. He briefly talked with us about digital marketing solutions and trends, but you can experience his enthusiastic, humorous and insightful observations at Digital Marketing Forum 2018.

Tim Fidgeon

Which are the three most important digital marketing trends to keep an eye on this year, if the budgets are small?

Most surveys/reports agree that amongst the most cost-effective digital channels are: Email, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Affiliate Marketing.

Which are the most important aspects in developing a strategy that includes video content?

  • Do your audience want video?
  • What topics do they want video on and what style is approrpiate?
  • How can we produce video cost-effectively?

How can VR be a marketing opportunity?

VR could be used to demonstrate the value of prodcuts/services. It could also be used to create engaging branded experiences that do not directly feature your products/services. At the moment, however, the cost of creating such content might be too high for most organisations.

Which are the most common mistakes digital marketers do?

They do not develop their ideas iteratively with lots of consumer testing.

Which is the best way to approach and use big data in marketing?

Unless you have a lot of money to spend on sophisticated algorthims that can discover predictive patterns, it may be that you use the data to test your own hypotheses.

Which are the key points that marketers have to focus on when providing user experience, in order to succeed?

  • The consumer is probably impatient and not fully concentrating
  • The consumer is likely to focused on their goals
  • Focusing on things from the consumer’s perspective and base of knowledge

Why do you think marketers are still hesitant in allocating budgets on mobile marketing campaigns?

I suspect it’s because most people still don’t tend to convert on mobile devices.  This means that in order to prove ROI (Return On Invetsment) one needs to track a customer across multiple devices/channels – and that can be difficult!

What do you expect to find at Digital Markting Forum?

Friendly people, hopefully!

What would you like to visit in Bucharest?

I tend to be more interested in people than places. So although Bucharest is one of the great cities of the world, I’d probably prefer to meet some nice people and enjoy hearing about their experiences/perspectives!


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